Shayda Frost is a Director and Producer with roots from Tehran to Tennessee, and a background in design and performance. 


Shayda started as a producer, frequently developing projects with director Catherine Hardwicke (TWILIGHT, THIRTEEN, LORDS OF DOGTOWN).  She served as Associate Producer of the Gina Rodriguez-led feature MISS BALA for Sony Pictures and Misher Films.  Later, Frost re-teamed with Hardwicke to Co-Produce the 14-episode TV series DON’T LOOK DEEPER for Quibi TV / Roku, starring Don Cheadle and Emily Mortimer.


Shayda holds an MFA in Film & Television Production from University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts. During this time, she made numerous award-winning short films.  Her short film FANGIRL, which she wrote and directed, is currently touring the festival circuit.

Currently Shayda is on-location in Bulgaria shadowing her mentor, director Martin Campbell (CASINO ROYALE, GOLDENEYE, THE LEGEND OF ZORRO), on his Liam Neeson-led action-thriller film MEMORY,  by Black Bear Pictures and Welle Entertainment; also starring Guy Pearce and Monica Bellucci.



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